About Us

Southeast Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1875 by a group of thrifty farmers for the purpose of providing fire and lightning insurance that otherwise was mostly unavailable or too expensive. Fire protection was all that was sold.

Through 135 years of steady growth, today the company writes fire, wind, hail, theft, lightning and liability to both farmowners and homeowners in four counties in Southeast Wisconsin; Racine, Kenosha, Walworth and Waukesha.

We remain committed in serving the needs of our policyholders and agents in the tradition of “neighbor helping neighbor”. It is with this basic philosophy that Southeast Mutual Insurance Company is able to remain a competitive business; remain non profit and operate only for the benefit of it’s policyholders.



President            Jerry Ketterhagen

Vice President    Mark Wilson

Treasurer            Mary Daniels

Secretary            Diane Baumeister

Director           Joe Patla

Director            Robert Bork

Director            Jennifer Ehlen

Manager         Robin Kasuboski