I have known one of the Southeast Mutual agents for several years.  When I was looking to switch my insurance, I gave them a call.  I had a quote for my homeowners within a couple of hours.  The agent was very courteous, prompt and professional.  I would recommend Southeast Mutual to my family and friends.
Gerry H.

I have been a customer of Southeast Mutual Insurance for many years.  When there was storm damage, they were right there to assess the damage and very prompt with the payment.   The same is true for when my car needed body work.  The damage was promptly assessed on the day and time agreed upon.    I was very patiently informed of all the steps that needed to be completed to get it repaired.  There were no unnecessary questions asked and every effort was made to make sure the customer understood how the process worked and was satisfied.  I have enjoyed being insured by Southeast Mutual.
Nancy W.